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Kurt & Barbarajean Walter

Moving on from GTB
By Kurt J Walter
Posted on 2/5/2017 9:30 AM
We left GTB in the early about 0700. travel through the canal connecting LAKE BARLEY and KENTUCKY LAKE. We traveled south on the lake to the TENNESSEE RIVER. This is just one of the many interesting items we came across. it appears to be an old obviously abandoned dock of some type. it now is a great place for fishing. as we continued down the river we also came across many small boats fishing and Duck Blinds. further down river we cam upon CAVE CITY. as you can see it name comes from the many caves in the rocks and many can be seen from the river. We arrive in Pebble ISLE Marina to stay the night and refuel. There we meet a couple Billy and Glenda who are also taking their boat Bodacious south to Marco Island. We also meet Susan and her husband Thom who are on RESOLUTE. they have had some engine issues and are in the process of repair.  in the morning we are treated to coffee and cinnamon rolls made fresh by the marina owners. We had a good conversation and they have seen many Loopers come down the river. 
We leave Pebble Isle and with Bodious following. WE stop at Double Island anchorage for a night on the hook. it is quiet and very peaceful. This appears to be a Fish breading ground of somewtype as they are all over the place. we spent the evening watching them from the flybridge. 
the next day we continued to Grand Harbor Marina after passing though the Pickwick Lock and Dam. We are now in Pickwick Lake. The locks have become second nature to us now. We also picked Bodious up again. In Grand Harbor we refueled and did laundry. 
We departed Grand Harbor as soon as the fog lifted the next morning. 
moving on to Midway Marina we enter the TOMBIGBEE RIVER after leaving Grand Harbor Marina. This is our 10th day of travel and it will include two locks before we get to Midway Marina. The weather is clear and the temps was 43 degrees when we left. good thing i have the pilothouse. Our first lock is the Jamie Whitten Lock and Dam, this will be and 84 foot drop to the next pool. The waterways between the locks are referred to as pools, as the locks down river control the pool levels. these are maintained so badge traffic and navigate the rivers without depth issues. Our next Lock is the John Rakin Lock which will drop us another 30 feet. 
then it is a short distance to MIDWAY MARINA. We follow another looper in to Midway, Brad and Mary aboard MaKameya(mack-a-maya). the next morning after waiting for the fog to left we left Midway for COLUBUS MARINA. today will be very busy with 4 locks to go through. hope the timing works out. we are now traveling with 3 boats including us. Our first lock is the Fulton Lock where we will drop another 25 feet. The next 3 locks, Glover Wilkins, Amory, and Aberdeen Locks will drop us 90 feet. the entry into Columbus Marina is a little tricky as you make a shape left just before the entrance to the next lock. then you must follow the channel into the marina. Upon entering the Marina we pull up to the fuel dock and see Bee Haven with Rod and Sue docked at the fuel dock. we meet them at the fall rendezvous in Joe Wheeler state park while "in HIS time" was being repaired in Louisville. That evening we meet two more couples, WAnye and Lynn (LyryLynn) and Bryon and Cynthia (Bright Angel) while visiting Bee Haven.
in Columbus we took advantage of the marina car and went to Wally World (Walmart)
to reprovision our supplies.
The next morning we left with BeeHaven and LeryLynn. We meet Ka-Dee-Anna in the lock just outside Colubus Marina in the John C, Stennis Lock and Dam. . Bodioues had starter issues and we started to lock down. as we were going down the lock master said that Bodious had fixed their started issues and was waiting to lock down on the next locking. he asks if we would mind going back up the two feet to allow them to lock through. we all agree and started back up the few feet the 27 foot lift.  today would be 2 locks John C, Stennis and Tom Bevill Lock and Dam. this would be a total drop of 57 feet. We are heading to and Anchorage for the next few nights as Marinas on this section of the river are scarce. our first anchorage is Lower Cooks Bend Cut-off. We spent a restful night on the hook and left after the fog had cleared in the morning. today will be 2 more locks and our destination is Kingfish Bay Marina in Demoplis. .
Along the way we pass some white cliffs which are alive with the autumn colors. the reads and yellow are amazing as the white background of the cliffs lights them up. Each day we pass three or four tows. all are very polite and work with the group of now 5 boats to get us all past. We arrive in Kingfish Bay where the staff docks 3 of us next to one another and the other 2 one dock over. the group decides we are in the mod for Mexican food and the marina staff recommends a good little restaurant. there is 10 of us. the marina car takes 5 and the girl who docks us takes the other 5. She will also pick us up when we are ready. WOW take about service above and beyond. we had a good dinner and lots of chat about what we have done and seen. 
the next morning we departed with only one lock today. we are headed for Bashi Creek anchorage. New Adventure passes us and arrives in Bashi Creek ahead of us. two of the others decide to stay on the river on the RDB (right defending bank) as they have AIS and the tows will see them at night. we pull int Bashi Creek and go back about 10 yes to allow room for Bodacious. it is a narrow anchorage and we turn around so our bow is facing out and drop anchor. we also drop a stern anchor just to keep us in the center of the creek. the next morning we are all ready to depart for another anchorage when one of my starter motors will not engage. a little friendly persuasion fixes the problem and we are off. next stop Three Rivers Lake anchorage. 
along the way we pass Bee Haven and are the first to Threee Rivers. we we go in slowly announcing the depths to the other s following us until we can go no further. we then back off to deeper water and drop p the hook. the river is narrow at the  entrance but widens up the further back you go. 
The next morning we planned an early departure but once again Mother Nature had other plans. the fog did not lift to a reasonable level until 0900. We left Three Rivers with Bee Haven in the leaders they had AIS. Bodies stayed behind as they did not have radar. Three of us left following each other and watching the radar to keep our spacing. we are headed for Turner Marine on the Dog River in Mobile Bay.  We arrive at Turners with Bee Haven not far behind. we are put on the south wall. we readied the boat for our departure the next morning to El Paso Tx. to visit Krista and the boys. we will return to the boat January 12th. in the mean time it is in the capable care of Turners Marine.  
Skipper Bob
MJM Yachts
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