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Never Say Never

It's Over
By David Pottinger
Posted on 6/27/2016 2:54 PM
What a wonderful trip!  The time passed too quickly.  We would definitely do it again!
When I walked into the house to great Charlotte, it seemed so dark in the house.  I guess spending most of our time outside for so many days had something to do with that.  It didn't take too long to get acclimated to being home.  Radar remembered all of his routines and was very happy to be able to do his somersaults on the living room rug again.  Dave and I did have some "dizzy" moments where we felt like we were still moving.  We've removed a lot of stuff from the boat already, but still have much more to do.  It will still be a multi-day process.  
We are planning another short trip.  The Tall Ships are coming to Bay City mid-July.  We are hoping to be able to do some USCG Auxiliary work during that time by helping to escort the ships in and doing some safety patrols over the four day time period.  Another couple from our Tawas flotilla will stay on our boat and help out as crew.
Some stats:
We left home on May 12 and spent several days provisioning and prepping for the trip in Kinsale, VA.
Our cruise went from May 17 to June 25 (40 days).
We were underway 27 days.  Stayed in port 13 days due to weather, etc.
We cruised 1,392 statute miles.  Or, 1,208.9 nautical miles.  Or, for our Canadian friends, 2,240.4 kilometers.
Each engine logged 162.28 hours.
We used 1,149.42 gallons of diesel fuel.
Our nautical miles per gallon = 1.15.
We locked through 73 locks.
Most locks done in a day = 12.
Dave read 36 books.  I didn't keep track of my number, cut did read more than I had in long, long time.
We watched 4 DVDs.  Note: we took over 400 DVDs with us.
Number of great memories...too many to count!!!
Leaving Harrisville, MI on our last day:
Here's the Gravely Shoals Light.  That means we are about eight miles from home.
Approaching the entrance to the Au Gres River:
Never Say Never at its home dock:
Never Say Never out.
Skipper Bob
Rahn Bahia Mar Yachting Center
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