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Launched- In the Water!!!
By Dean Stairs
Posted on 5/12/2017 3:52 PM

Long cold winter leads to a warmish and rainy spring and finally-time to go in the water! This all has to be co-ordinated with high tide so when backed into the water the boat doesn't run aground.


7:30 am sunny day, thank goodness, the trailer backs into our yard to take our boat "Puffin" to the water. Yea!!! Brownell, can't say enough good about the company. Their trailer guys and inside ladies are great to work with. "Puffin" was loaded onto the trailer. As the boat stands were removed, Dean was applying some touchup paint to where the stands held the boat. I guess this is typical if you paint the bottom while it is on stands. We launched at Niemiec. and were on our way to the temporary slip at Acushnet River Safe boating Club before we take off in 2 weeks.The Nanni diesel started instantly.


We have been scrambling the last 2 weeks trying to get as much done on land before the boat hits the water.

We spent a day sanding and painting the bottom of the boat and black stripe at the water line. Boy did our backs hurt the next few days.

Dean did as much as he could to get our makeshift mast ready to put up and secure. The antenna for the radio, radar, loud hailer, spotlight all have to be cabled through the mast and deck, and attached to switches and power before we depart for our journey.

A few things left to finish- my passenger seat attached to the port side, opposite the Captain's chair, V berth insert made and installed for a larger more comfortable sleeping arrangement. The inverter needs to be installed and connected to the house batteries.

Most of our food supplies, cooking pans, dishware, towels and bedding, and bathroom supplies are onboard.

On my end, last  food supplies and fresh items and our clothing.

And do not forget, our cat is traveling with us. He has not been on the boat in the water. The first time will certainly be interesting. He has a harness and 2 leashes plus his own life jacket, yes, they do make them for animals. Ours was purchased at Defender Marine in CT.

Mast still on the Deck



Northport Bay Boatyard
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