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Our our way, stuck with the weather
By Dean Stairs
Posted on 6/6/2017 3:56 PM

We thought April showers bring May flowers.  Apparently not true according to the weather guy upstairs.  Just a challenge to my (Suzan) seaworthiness.  Started out last Wednesday with reasonably good weather.    Except when we were out in more open seas, we were rocking and rolling, as I call it.  Only made it past Padanaram Harbor and turned back into that harbor as I was not doing well with the higher seas.  Moored at the NBYC, nice with launch service. Looked at the weather on NOAA charts-- not good for a few days-- we (Dean) and Woodstock (our cat) moored for 2 nights.

Thursday morning I returned home we were only 10 miles away by land, 1 1/2 hours by boat. Had to regroup for weather , and this will not be the only weather regrouping.  I, not being a bonified boat person, choose not to ride the 2 ft waves.  Friday Dean brought Puffin back to the dock we started from and was out again to Point Judith and New London, Ct. on Saturday.  I, and the cat, opted to take a train from Providence to New London on Sunday to meet him in New London. I arrived at 1:30 and Dean had just fueled up at Burr's Marina. We stayed 2 nights at Crocker's Boatyard, closer to downtown New London. Nice Marina, family owned since late 1800's.                      

Out again on Tuesday after making a trip to Defender Marine in Waterford, next town from NL.

On our way, seeing how far Puffin motors in about 5 hours, quite a push for me, having been on the boat for only 2 hours traveling from home in over 2 ft seas.  We listened to the marine forecast and the seas were to be less than 1 ft and cloudy skies. We had a current with us for most of the 5 hours, pushing us at 8.5-9 knots so arrived at Branford, Ct . Our normal is 6-7 knots as we are a motor sailboat without masts and sails for this trip. we have a small inboard Diesel engine. Unfortunately we were at Branford for another 2 nights in a slip. We planned to leave around 10:30 am and the fog rolled in so we had to wait it out. Luckily it cleared by 12:30 and we were on our way to Stamford, a long hall, arrived about 5:30 -beautiful city, huge boats.

Off and boating the next day to Manhasset Harbor,  had a tough time with 3 ft waves coming into their harbor. We wanted a mooring, it was so windy and wavy that I opted for a dock. We are spending a lot of $$$ for docks/slips as moorings aren't readily available along the Connecticut and Long Island coasts.

Stay tuned for our journey down the East River, around Manhatten, and starting up the Hudson River.

Skipper Bob
Midway Marina
Sea Pines Resort