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Denim Shirt with Great Loop Logo

Prices vary according to product

Get your Great Loop logo gear here! If you have been wishing for a denim shirt, or maybe a hoodie, or even a puffer jacket, all embroidered with the logo of your favorite organization and/or your boat name, wish no more. Custom logo gear is here!

Check out all your favorites, then order one for yourself and one for your first mate!

To Purchase Your Logo Gear Click Here

Prices vary according to product
AGLCA decided to launch a web-based store for members to purchase some Great Loop swag, primarily T-shirts.  We typically only sell our Ts at our Rendezvous, but with event cancellations due to COVID-19, it seemed like a great time to offer these to all members virtually.  The 2020 T-Shirt design contest was an effort to jump-start our shop.  You can purchase the first, second and third place shirts, as well as some AGLCA "house" designed shirts on our new Teespring shop.  There are also some other logo items beside T-shirts you might enjoy purchasing.

This service prints the shirts on-demand and ships them directly to you.  Therefore, if you have any questions about how the shop works or an order you placed, you'll need to direct them to Teespring. 

To Purchase from Teespring Click Here