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No crew? No problem! You absolutely CAN complete the Great Loop solo, regardless of the size of the boat. Let these Loopers give you the information and inspiration you need to get cruising.

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Herb Seaton
Herb Seaton
Herb completed his loop aboard Phantom, his 53' Trader Powerboat. Because he planned to live on the boat full-time, he wanted something a little bigger that would be comfortable and be equipped with everything on his wish list.

When he purchased Phantom, he had never heard of the Great Loop! His nephew-in-law told him about it and after doing some research, Herb joined AGLCA and signed up to be a Harbor Host. This way, he was able to meet several Loopers, make friends and ask questions before he took on the adventure for himself.

While his original intention had been to have other people accompany him on his Great Loop, as the time grew nearer, scheduling conflicts meant no one was able to go. He had company at the beginning of his journey, but after leaving the boat in NY for a week to go home for his brother's 90th birthday party, he couldn't find anyone who was able to go along. Herb was not about to miss out on the adventure of a lifetime, so he decided to continue on alone. 

"It was not going to be something I couldn't handle by myself." He added, "some people thought I wouldn't go alone. I had to show people the Great Loop is doable by someone in a big boat by themselves, so they can do it with help in a 35-40' boat."

While he enjoyed the solitude, there are certainly challenges of Single-Hand that require a bit of planning. It's nice to have another set of eyes on the water around you, another set of hands to assist in docking and taking photos.

"The one thing I think I missed the most is I couldn't take a lot of photos."

He has outfitted Phantom with a stern thruster to go with the bow thruster, along with a wireless control for each. He also has a wireless control for his autopilot, enabling him more freedom to do other things, but retain control. 

"There's every opportunity to STOP and ENJOY."



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