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AGLCA has a mobile app for our members!  Key features include: 
  • Improved mobile version of the website - A mobile version of the website that displays in a more user-friendly way than accessing it in a browser on a mobile device is included with the app.  If you typically access the site on a mobile device, you’ll want to visit the site through the app instead of through a browser like Safari or Chrome.


  • “Meets” - Find other Loopers! - The app uses the GPS on your smart phone to show you (if you give it permission), and other Loopers who have granted permission, on a map.  There are a few limitations that make sense when you understand why they are there.  First, you are only displayed temporarily (maximum of two weeks).  This eliminates a problem of people forgetting their location is displayed and cluttering the map if they’re not currently cruising.  Also, this is not a real time display of your location.  Your location only updates when you use the app.  If you set yourself to be visible for two weeks, continue to travel, but don't update your position, the app will continue to show your location from the last time you updated it.  Second, you will only see other Loopers (who have made themselves visible) within a 1,000-mile radius. This should cover the majority of the Loop from most places along the route.

  • New! Click here to check out Meets on your PC. You will need to click the three lines in the upper right and select "Update My Position" to change the length of time you're visible and distance for seeing other Loopers.
Detailed "Things you should know" and "Instructions" for the App

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