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Welcome to America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association (AGLCA). 

We are the one-stop-shop for all things "Great Loop"!

  What is the Great Loop? -- It's a 6,000 mile circumnavigation of the eastern portion of North America that our members cruise aboard their own boats.  The route, which is primarily comprised of protected waterways, takes you through 15+ states and provinces, and includes the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, Chesapeake Bay, the New York State Canals, the Great Lakes, the Canadian Heritage Canals, the inland rivers of America’s heartland, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you're dreaming about, planning for, currently cruising, or have completed the Great Loop, you've come to the place where information, inspiration, and camaraderie abounds!


Membership in AGLCA is as little as $89/year and is a small investment for the many benefits of joining, which include:

  • Discussion Forum
  • Webinars
  • Cost of Looping calculator
  • Discounts on fuel, dockage, rental cars, and more
  • Members-only events
  • The ability to fly our distinctive club burgee
  • Access to nearly 300 Harbor Hosts to assist you around the Great route
  • Free classified ads
  • Newsletters
  • And much, much more!

These benefits are hugely helpful for those interested in the Great Loop, but we think it's the sense of community that makes AGLCA special.  Those intangibles are best described by our members.  Comments below were posted by AGLCA members on the members-only discussion forum.  Once you read these comments, we think you'll find that membership is a must if cruising the Great Loop is your goal.

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A Community Like No Other. . .
"A hearty 'Thank You' to AGLCA and to the Class of 2015-16 Loopers we had the pleasure of traveling with, seeing along the way and/or getting to know on the dock. The Gold Loopers we found along the way as well as the Harbor Hosts were invaluable sources of support and information."

Lifelong Friendships. . .
"The best thing about AGLCA membership is the friendliness and camaraderie with other Loopers. The burgee is a friendship magnet for Loopers and non-Loopers alike!"

"Amy had to have her right hip replaced so it was scheduled to be done two days before Thanksgiving. Who would have thought a couple whom we met on a boat in Canada would rally around us when Amy came out of surgery and show up at the hospital that day. Not only that but come to our home to cook Thanksgiving dinner and help get her quickly back on her feet."
Unparalleled Support. . .
"The best part of membership in AGLCA is endless useful information, help in planning and nudges to remember your own Loop."
"This forum has been a godsend so many times to aide us along the way."

Encouragement to Help Make the Dream a Reality. . .
"Thanks to those flying the white or yellow burgees for just stopping by to swap boat cards and stories.To those who are reading these crossing announcements wondering if they can travel the Great Loop, stop reading…… and just do it!"

"To the Loopers in waiting...time and tides wait for no one...but your job will. Just cast off your lines, go for a boat ride, keep moving forward and if your number of left turns exceeds your right turns, you too can complete America’s Great Loop."

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Still not sure that AGLCA is worth the investment? Here are some examples of the value of belonging to a community of like-minded people where you can ask questions and get answers...

Ask Questions. . .
Get Answers. . .

Question: "As I am contemplating my first Loop before my wife and I fully retire (tentatively planned for April 2017) it occurs to me that I may at times be solo. To keep the trip progressing I may need to pass through some locks solo. Is that possible? Has anyone done it? How is it done?"
One of many responses: "It can be done, a number of Loopers and others have made it work. I have a 45' boat and I think I could do it in good weather if I had to. But it's easier with two. And even with two of us there were a few locks that were a little messy. I'd suggest to see if you could find a temp mate to go with you for the locks that you needed to do. You didn't say how big your boat is, that would be a big help to know."

Question: "Is autopilot necessity for doing the Great Loop? We are on 4th Quarter, she is a 360 Carver Sport Sedan. We will be leaving Ft Myers across Lake O about March 20. Thanks for any opinions."
One of many responses: "No, it's not required. We did our Loop in 2007 without one. We installed our auotpilot in 2008. I can tell you that I would never take a log cruise again without an autopilot. I consider my autopilot to be among the most important equipment I have aboard; charter plotter, depth finder, autopilot, radar, AIS, etc., in that order."

Question: "First-time boat buyer buying a non-brokered boat, OH NO. So much to understand and learn. Do not even know what questions to ask. Today's Question/task: Insurance, I need recommendations and guidelines please. Thank you."
One of many responses: "I started not to respond, but wanting to protect a fellow boater took over. Congratulations on wanting to own a boat, and starting to move in that direction. You will either love it or rue the day the thought even entered your mind. The difference between the two? Making the best choice possible up front so that you get the fewest unpleasant $$$ surprises. Your honesty about lack of experience in boat buying is a fantastic start. I will not try to give you all of the answers but I will give you a couple of suggestions that may not be what you want to hear, but you will be glad I said them to you in a few years..."
Question: "Am in the beginning stages of planning for a 2019 Loop adventure. My wife is all for it IF we can bring her 70 lb. Greyhound who loves to travel with her. We have not bought our boat yet. . .any advice?? Is this outlandish? Thx!"
One of many responses: "Scott, we've made the Loop a couple of times, and parts of it more. The first time we had two dogs, a turtle and three tree frogs and a 6-yr. old child aboard. One dog was about 85 lbs. and the other about 65. In later years, we made the trip with three other dogs on board as well . . ."

Question: "I'm looking forward to 2017 and would like to attend a Rendezvous. I was wondering if there is any preference between the Spring and Fall Rendezvous? For instance, is one larger than the other, are there different areas of focus for each one, etc.?"
One of many responses: "We attended both last year and found them to be more than worth the time & money. Originally thought we'd skip the Fall Rendezvous but decided to go ahead and attend there as well. I can tell you first hand that what you put into the stops and friends you make will last a lifetime. We drove by car to Norfolk as it was only 2 hours below our homeport, Deltaville, VA, by boat would have been 6 down and back. Not exactly sure what we'd find or walk into but turned out very well worth it for the info of what was ahead and additionally, planning info worth all the cost alone not to mention again the people we met. The Fall Rendezvous at Joe Wheeler again worth the time and money tenfold IMHO. Just go as you really don't want to know what you will miss!"

Question: "We are in St. Augustine headed for New Bern, NC. What are the stops and sights we shouldn't miss?"
One of many responses: "We left New Bern in October and have made it south to Fernandina. Shopping at Fernandina. . .hiking/biking with the wild horses and touring the mansion ruins and plum orchard mansion on Cumberland Island. . .hiking/biking and eating at the rah bar and a Guinness at the wee pub on Jekyll Island. . .free beer/wine and the best free laundry and friends at Brunswick Landing Marina--not to mention great pizza and meatball sub downtown. Dinner at The Ole Bull Tavern with bread from New York City and a night on a mooring ball at Beaufort, SC. Everything in Charleston, SC and we loved New Bern, NC too! And don't forget the hospitality at oriental NC."

Question: "We will be cruising from Cape Coral to the Keys next week and would like suggestions for places to anchor from Marathon to Key West. We have a 45' Sea Ranger trawler drawing 4'.
One of many responses: "It will depend on whether you plan to transit via oceanside or bayside and the weather will help you make that decision. There are several options to anchor on both sides, including just pulling up to a Key and dropping the hook if winds are light. I would not recommend Bahia Honda for an overnight. The currents are strong and the holding poor. We have 15 different anchorages bayside. Oceanside has New Found Harbor, Niles Channel, Saddleback and Stock Island. All suitable for your draft."

Question: "The Lerylynn will begin its northward bound journey headed for Norfolk, VA the end of next week.We will be leaving Sanford, FL with a short stop in Jacksonville (Lambs Yacht Center) and then head north with planned stops in Augusta, GA, Charleston, SC, and any interesting stops in between here and Norfolk.We are a trawler that travels about 8mphand we are planning short travel days."

One of many responses: "The marinas on the Beaufort waterfront are touristy and pricey but a good location if you want to shop. Restaurants there are so-so. At the Town Creek Marina on the north edge of town there are better rates and a fantastic restaurant, City Kitchen. If you want to be in Morehead City itself, the Sanitary Restaurant gives you free overnight dockage if you have dinner here."

Question: "Good morning. We are planning on traveling up Lake Champlain to Montreal. We do plan on stopping in Burlington but are looking for other places we should check out. Good marinas and anchorages? Thank you."
One of many responses: "I can second the suggestions to stop at Fort Ticonderoga and Vergennes. We love Burlington and have stopped there four or five times. There is a good anchorage at North Beach with easy dinghy access to the Boat House (docks and restaurant) and there is a free shuttle bus that takes you all over town and to the hospital which is a short walk to West Marine. Vergennes has a "free dock" for which the city asks for a donation. I don't remember paying anything when we stayed there but you can't beat the scenery. It's a small town America kind of place. There is also the great Champlain Maritime Museum where there are moorings owned by the Basin Harbor Club for $20/night. It is very educational and great for kids with lots of hands-on kinds of stuff."

Don't wait to join us! The adventure of a lifetime awaits you!

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