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How to for Classified Ads

**Please note, only AGLCA members may post classified ads, but the ads are viewable by any site visitor.

Instructions for creating an ad:


1) Click the button above to post an ad.

2) Click the Add Classified Ad button.

3) Fill in the form with the information for your ad.

4) Submit your ad by clicking the "submit" button at the bottom of the page.

5) You'll land at a a grid showing your ads.

6) If you want to add photos, click on the second icon (looks like photos).

7) Click "Add Photo" and then "Browse" to find the photo on your device.  See below for more details on inserting photos.
These are the basics.  There are some features that are not covered here, but are easy to use.  If you need assistance, please let us know.

Tips on Inserting Photos in Classified Ads


1) Photos can only be uploaded one at a time. Be sure to add them in the order you wish for them to appear in the slide show when your ad is viewed. Once the photos are there, they cannot be rearranged. They will always scroll starting with the first picture you entered and follow the order you uploaded them. 

2) Photo titles - You have the option to enter a title for each picture, limited to about 20 characters. These titles do not appear in the ad at this time, so you may choose to skip this step.

3) Select main photo - Continue adding photos until all of them uploaded. You will see a small circle to the right of each photo. This allows you to select the one you wish to be the main photo. This will be the thumbnail picture that visitors will see before they click to view your full ad. You can select any of the photos as the main ad photo, but when buyers view your full ad, the pictures will still scroll from the first one you uploaded.

4) Photo uploads incorrectly - If a photo uploads upside down or sideways, there is not a rotate option to orientate them. This may happen even though the photo is right side up on your device. The classified ad program is set to read the original coding from when you took the picture. This can be corrected by removing the photo from the ad and opening it in a photo editing program. Open the picture, rotate if need be, and resave it. The new image should then upload correctly. When uploading, the new image will be added at the end of any other pictures that are already uploaded to the ad.

5) Ad preview/edits - There is no preview option, so you will need to post the ad to see how it looks. If you cancel the ad, there is not a reactivation option, so the ad would have to be re-created. Editing the ad can be done anytime. Edit the text of the ad simply by clicking the pencil next to the ad you wish to change. You may edit the main photo for the ad by simply clicking the photo icon, and then clicking the circle next to the photo you wish to appear in the main ad listing. If you want to rearrange photos, you must delete them and re-upload them in the order you wish them to appear, or create a new ad.