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Platinum, Gold and White Burgees
AGLCA's Burgee has a stylized map of Eastern North America with an outline highlighting the Great Loop route.  Members best describe AGLCA Burgees as "the welcome mat for Loopers".

The White Burgee is our traditional AGLCA burgee and is available to all members.The Gold Burgee is the "Gold Standard" and is reserved for members who have completed the Great Loop Cruise.The Platinum Burgee has been specially designed to identify our most experienced Loopers, those who have accomplished multiple Loop completions!

Members who fly an AGLCA Burgee receive instant recognition from the boating community and other members. And, our veteran Loopers who display the Gold and Platinum Burgees as their credential of completion(s) are accorded the respect that goes with being someone who has done extensive cruising on America's Waterways.

The  3" x 5" AGLCA Burgee decal is a smaller version to stick on your boat or car! White (for all members) or gold (if you have completed the Great Loop).


$39.00 for Burgees and $6.00 for Decals plus shipping

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Denim Shirt with Great Loop LogoGet your Great Loop logo gear here, INCLUDING THE FLEET OF 2019 T-Shirt! If you have been wishing for a denim shirt, or maybe a hoodie, or even a puffer jacket, all embroidered with the logo of your favorite organization, wish no more. Custom logo gear is here!
Check out all your favorites, then order one for yourself and one for your first mate!

Prices vary according to product.

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Poster of Great Loop Route

This poster-sized map (23 x 27") shows detail which is helpful when planning the cruise. Features include accurate placement of navigable rivers, locks and dams and major cities and ports of Eastern North America. The various routes of the cruise are lightly outlined in colors to represent the ideal time to be on each segment - green in spring on the East Coast, orange for summer in the Great Lakes and beige in the fall on the Inland Rivers and Florida's West Coast.  The map is produced in full color on 80# stock and matte-laminated.  A dry erase marker allows you to write on the map important dates, friends who will visit the boat and a time schedule for completing the Loop. Members often leave a copy behind for friends and family so they can follow their loved ones on their year-long voyage. The map can be framed or rolled and is excellent for planning the Great Loop trip. 


The identical map is available in a smaller size (12 x 14 inches) and price ($12 each). Not yet sold on the website, call 865-856-7888 to order.

Honey, Lets Get A Boat Book Cover
This book by AGLCA's founders, Ron & Eva Stob, has been the impetus for many to get in the Loop. Eager for a change and deaf to the admonitions of their children, the authors purchase a 40-foot trawler. They catch the excitement of visiting sea ports, the fear of plowing huge bodies of water, the thrill of moving through 145 locks, and the delight of wandering down the inland rivers.


ThisThe Great Loop Experience Book Cover book is a comprehensive guide written to help others plan, prepare, and successfully execute their own Great Loop adventures. It also addresses the questions that these authors/lecturers are most frequently asked by future “Loopers”.

Some of the many topics covered include: Selecting and Equipping Your Boat, Choosing Your Route, Financial Considerations and Trip Costs, Managing Your Onboard Life, Vessel Security, Customs and Border Crossings, Boating Protocol, Locking Procedures, Safely Negotiating the Waterways, Open-Water Crossings, and Great Stops Along the Way.

This “ho
w-to guide” will not only inform and educate you, but also hopes to be an inspiration for all those who want to one day make this wonderful journey! The Great Loop Experience definitely has the information you will want so that you may confidently and knowledgeably cast off your lines on your own exhilarating Great Loop adventure!
AdvReflection on America's Great Loop Book Coverenture is not just for the young! Though "I own a boat" was the opening phrase to their courtship and eventual married life, little did Baby Boomer couple George and Pat Hospodar know that those words would lead to their making a year-long journey of a lifetime aboard their boat, Reflection, almost forty years later. For their ultimate boat-lover's voyage, the Hospodars traveled around The Great Loop, a circumnavigation of the waterways of the eastern United States and Canada.

Varying from 5,000 to 7,500 miles depending on the route taken, The Great Loop usually takes Loopers a year to several years to complete. And George and Pat are not alone. Hundreds of boat owners attempt The Loop each year. If you are one of these adventurers hoping to join the ranks of successful Loopers such as George and Pat, this book is for you.


Atlantic ICW 2016 Waterway Guide Cover Updated annually by on-the-water cruising editors and office staff, Waterway Guides are the indispensable cruising companions for boaters exploring the Bahamas as far south as the Turks & Caicos to the upper reaches of Maine, and includes the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, from South Padre Island, TX, to the Keys.

Each guide features mile-by-mile navigation informatio
n, aerial photography with marked routes, marina listings and locater charts, anchorage information and expanded "Goin' Ashore" articles on ports along the way.


Great Circle Route Skipper Bob Book CoverThe late Skipper Bob and his wife Elaine cruised over 44,000 miles while living aboard both a trawler and a sailboat. They traveled up and down the Intracoastal Waterway several times, completed the Great Loop Route, explored the NY Canal System, the Trent-Severn, Rideau & Richelieu Canals, Georgian Bay and the North Channel.

Elaine says; "Bob's purpose in writing the Skipper Bob guides was to make fellow cruisers adventures as comfortable and safe as possible." Skipper Bob Guides continue to fulfill this mission by updating the information in their guides on a regular basis, providing the assistance envisioned when Skipper Bob first began publishing these books.

Price varies according to Guide

To Purchase from Skipper Bob Click Here

Crossing the Wake Book CoverCrossing the Wake: One Woman's Great Loop Adventure follows the waterlogged travels and travails of a woman willing to risk it all in a quest to bring some adventure to her life. A beautifully honest account of riding the waves of a journey, both physically and emotionally grueling, author Tanya Binford recounts her arduous six months with amazing detail.

After leaving behind her work as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and saying goodbye to her grown children, Tanya Binford was ready to cast off. With an itch for sailing that had taken root decades before, she was finally ready to put her dreams into action--not even a lack of any real sailing experience could stop her!


Great Loop Side Trips Book Cover
The Great Loop is the “Interstate;” the intersecting waterways are the “Blue Highways” — the rivers, lakes and canals that flow into the main stream. Ron and Eva Stob’s latest book, Great Loop Side Trips: 20 Cruising Adventures on Eastern North America’s Waterways, is the sequel to their highly acclaimed book, “Honey, Let’s Get a Boat…”: A Cruising Adventure of America’s Great Loop.

To Purchase from Raven Cove Publishing Click Here

Quimby's Cruising Guide Book Cover
The ultimate resource for boaters who cruise in mid-America — including The Great Loop. Updated annually to deliver the most accurate information, it covers 9,400+ miles on 23 navigable rivers and waterways. Quimby’s has detailed descriptions of 1,250+ marinas, locks and dams, and waterside facilities, providing crucial information on where to find fuel, dockage, supplies and service. It is arranged by river, then river mile, making it easy to use when routing a trip, with additional navigation notes, mileage charts, inland boating tips and local attractions making it an essential part of any onboard library. Special 2018 editorial feature on Top Boat Bars along the inland waterways.

Price varies according to Edition.

100 Great Stops Book Cover
America's Great Loop is an extraordinary boating journey of over 5000 miles using the linked waterways of North America. 100 Great Stops on America's Great Loop by Owen Schwaderer is a guide to 100 of the charming waterfront towns and cities along the way and has information on more than 150 additional stops and presents them in the order you will find them along the way.


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This is a bThe Great Loop With Emotion Book Coverook about adventure, where you will be transported aboard the 41-foot motor boat "Emotion III" as you follow its crew Carole and Michel as they complete their 13 month voyage across the North American continent, towards absolutely delicious destinations that they discover as they navigate a quiet and comfortable journey punctuated with anecdotes.

This is a sharing of a grand nautical adventure but remains a treasure trove of pertinent and complimentary information full of inspiring meetings as you pilot to the many marinas and numerous anchorages.

The author, Carole Duval shares with humor and enthusiasm her comments about the many places where she sailed.

$34.95 (incl. Bahamas Side Trip and free shipping)

Le Boat
Lighthouse Marina