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AGLCA was formed in 1999 by Ron and Eva Stob after they discovered, cruised and became enchanted with the Great Loop. Since its inception, the organization's focus, commitment and purpose has remained the same: to share general, navigational and cruising information about eastern North America's waterways; and, to enhance the overall experience of learning about, dreaming of - as well as exploring and safely cruising America's Great Loop.

While in Charleston, SC, in December, 2006, scouting out locations for the 2007 Spring Rendezvous, the Stobs enjoyed a dinner with friends, Steve and Janice Kromer. The Kromers were avid boaters, and AGLCA members for years (not to mention, Steve had been AGLCA's volunteer Cruisers' Email Coordinator for some time). As it was to the Stobs, a "family touch" was pretty important to the Kromers. Janice and Steve had run a family business together since 1975 (a telecommunications database operation). They successfully grew their business with special focus on quality, detail and customer service. The Kromers have two daughters, Stephanie and Kim, who were pretty much born into the business, and have been active partners for years.

Now, a bit more about the current crew at the helm...

The Kromers have a significant amount of boating under their belt - both have a long history with the US Power Squadron in Charleston. Janice is a former Squadron Commander and Steve served six years as Educational Officer. They have a 50' Marine Trader, No Sense3, and - presently - they're partially Looped. Oh, and they've cruised part of the Loop too. Together, they've gone from Ft. Lauderdale to Chesapeake Bay and Steve has also crewed from Chesapeake Bay to Chicago. So, Steve's a little more Loopy than Janice - but it's part of his charm.

Occasionally, you may see "KFR Services, Inc." connected to America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association™in one way or another. Sounds fancy doesn't it? Well, we're about to demystify that a bit. Betcha you can guess the "K" is for Kromer, right? And, remember the two daughters we mentioned earlier? When Stephanie and Kim officially became partners in the business, their last names were incorporated into the company name. So, the "F" is for Stephanie's last name, Fetchen - and the "R" represents Kim's last name, Russo. Thus, KFR Services, Inc.

And - here's a little glimpse of how they all serve AGLCA -

  • Janice is about as hands-on as you can get. Some of what she handles includes member enrollments and renewals, member service or member needs (including issuing BaccaLOOPerate Degrees!), obtaining and maintaining inventory for the Ship's Store, arrangements and agendas for Rendezvous, non-member inquiries - and the list goes on and on and on and on.
  • Steve is the live body behind the mysterious info@greatloop.org- it's kinda like the Wizard in the land of Oz. He also handles the background procedures to process all the Ship's Store activity. He is also the brains behond the Discussion Forum, or most popular feature!. He's also pretty good at brainstorming and coming up with enhancements for services across the board.
  • Kim is responsible for the strategic planning aspect of AGLCA. This encompasses both the member side and the sponsor side. She is our big picture guru, and, while marketing is her main focus, she has her hands (and brain) in almost all aspects of AGLCA.

So, the tradition in which AGLCA was founded continues on - we really are one big family!

Now, the Kromers aren't super-humans - so, to help get things done, KFR Services does have some additional team members onboard; and, technically, these folks are not "blood-family" - but they are considered 'enhanced family'. Two of the 'enhanced team' are focused on AGLCA operations.

  • Beth McCue is our newsletter editor, she also wears a lot of additional hats in marketing, and she's pretty darn tech-savvy. Beth just kinda does whatever needs to be done (aka: WNTBD) -- so we've decided to say she is also involved with "Shared Services" ('cause that'll cover everything, right?).
  • JoAnn Smith is AGLCA's Sponsor Sales & Service Coordinator. JoAnn works with the sponsors to make sure they are up to date with our marketing efforts and are getting the most out of their sponsorships. She is also the face behind the shipping that goes on at AGLCA. JoAnn is a native New Yorker who grew up around the water. She's become so enamored of the Loopers and their journey that she's convinced her husband and college roommate's family to do the Loop with her some day!

Advisory Council...

Since Steve and Janice took over America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association from Ron and Eva Stob, they have invited a group of respected Loopers to participate in an Advisory Council and offer input on questions and situations that come up throughout the year. These dedicated individuals provide advice on an on-going basis and most often come to Rendezvous as volunteers to help with the event. The AGLCA Home Port Crew turns to them often when we'd like opinions from Loopers that are not on our staff.

This current year, our Advisory Council is made up of the following members:

Sue Brown
Patsy and Tom Conrad
Lisa and Jim Favors
Lola and Larry Huggins
Audrey and Ted Stehle
Barbara and Craig Wolf

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