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Meraki On The Move

A Glorious Weekend
By Allie Cantonis
Posted on 3/18/2018 5:40 PM

We’ve had a delightful few days as we’ve ventured northward from Fort Pierce.  We stopped again at a Florida Council of Yacht Clubs affiliate member, Eau Gallie, just north of Melbourne, in Indian Harbor Beach.  We now have a new favorite affiliate yacht club.  It has been the Field Club in Sarasota for years, but Eau Gallie has edged it out.  First, it is a beautiful facility, with lots of slips, and “Cap’n Kenny” as the Harbormaster was extremely friendly and very welcoming.  One of their members was behind us in a Sportfish as we were coming in, and, when he heard us trying to hail the yacht club on the radio, offered to lead us into the docks, which we gladly let him do.  We found out upon docking that he was the Rear Commodore. of the Club. It was an easy docking and we washed down the boat and took a walk.  Across from the yacht club was a park, which turned out to be a gopher tortoise habitat. 

Shortly after seeing this picture, we ran across this guy, who was having lunch and did not appreciate being interrupted.  He/she actually hissed at Jim (neither of us knew that turtles made any noise, but this one did!)  Dinner was back at the yacht club, where we enjoyed another fabulous sunset

The next morning, we took off for Cocoa Village where we have spent 2 nights.  This was probably one of our most pleasant cruises.  Mainly because there was very little boat traffic, but the Indian River is wide and there is plenty of water (or so it appeared) outside the channel.  Also very little in the way of crab pots and those that were there, were away from the channel.  We spotted several dolphin, and this guy decided to come with us for a little while.

There is some weather coming in on Tuesday, so we’ve had to schedule ourselves where we could be somewhere near something we wanted to do off the boat.  That something is the Kennedy Space Center, so Monday we will go on to Titusville and stay 2 days there while we tour the Center.  Hopefully the weather will clear quickly and we can be on our way to New Smyrna Beach as planned on Wednesday.  For those of you who plan to meet us, or whom we plan to meet, please let this be the first notice that we are 2 days behind schedule assuming we leave on Wednesday.  If we have to stay put one more day, then we will be 3 days behind schedule. SO, plan accordingly!

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