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Time to Move on
By Thomas R Friers
Posted on 9/18/2017 4:47 PM
We had a great visit with Kevin, Amy, and Brenden this weekend - - went down to Paducah to buy new cell phones and visited the waterfront on the Ohio River:

While we were in Paducah we had lunch in the Paducah Beer Werks - - an old Greyhound Bus Station converted to a Brewery and Restaurant - - it was very good and very unique - still had the lockers, the gates, the ticket counter, etc and very good beers:

We were determined to get underway today, so that is what we did.  After a pump out at the fuel dock we departed the beautiful Green Turtle Bay Marina at 0930 and knew we would go a short distance for two reasons - - forecast thunderstorms and when we were doing the maintenance on Friday we did a lot of valve closing and hopefully reopening on the fuel tanks to regulate flow to the engines and generator - - I wanted to be darned sure that fuel was flowing perfectly before I got too far away.  So we had the anchor down and were settled into the very pretty anchorage called Ewes Bay after a trip of only 13.3 nm - just over 15 miles.  As we entered the anchorage we saw Angel Louise, who has been anchored here since Saturday and will remain until Wednesday;

They are pretty well known to the Loopers as the boat that sailed around Europe, back & forth across the Atlantic, and now are completing the loop.  They dingheyed over and we had a nice visit.  Tomorrow, after any morning thunderstorms we plan to continus southward on Kentucky Lake and the Tennessee River.  Meanwhile it is great to be back underway and as usual, all is well aboard the Jolly Mon - - but not in a lot of places.  I got a call from a man in the BVI who has become a very good friend over the years; and he told me that not a piece of vegetation remains on the formerly beautiful island of Tortola; he does not know of a house without damage, nor does he know of a charter boat (out of the hundreds) which survived the Category 5 hurricane.  He and his wife are ok, but there home is heavily damaged - - he said the very foundation was shaking from the 185 MPH winds - - it is absolutely unbelievable and so sad for the people.  My heart aches for them - and the next storm, Maria, could hit them again as a Category 3 this week!!
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