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Chicago to Mobile
Great Loop Segment: Chicago to Mobile
The segment of the Great Loop from Chicago, IL to Mobile, AL is 1300 miles via the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.  This route is composed of inland rivers and lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.  The weather on the rivers is controlled by land and the current mostly flows in the direction of travel if you are cruising the Great Loop counterclockwise with the exceptions of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers which flow in a northerly direction.  The natural fall of rivers are controlled by locks and dams.  Flooding, determined by any heavy rain situations in the Midwest, can cause some navigational issues.  It is recommended that boaters stay in mid-channel as much as possible, especially on straight river sections, but stay in channels marked by buoys and the sailing line on charts due to rock jetties and other obstacles.  In river bends, the channel follows the outside bend where water is deepest due to the current flow.  Electronic charts are helpful to show your position relative to obstacles. Towboats and tows are a distraction on this route and that traffic gets heavier as you progress south so familiarize yourself with passing etiquette.
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Forum Posts
Forum Posts

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Captains' Notes
Captains' Notes
Click Here for notes from Loopers on this segment.

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Sample Itinerary
Sample Itinerary
All Loopers have their own cruising style and preferences on miles to travel per day, cruising speed, number of nights per week in a marina, etc. This Chicago to Mobile Itinerary, based on a preferred distance of 50 miles per day, was developed to give you an idea of the types of places and things you will see during your Great Loop adventure.

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